Our Mission:

Our mission is to create the ultimate versatile accessory for a refined-woman way to adorn any look. Each luxurious accessory is first and foremost an artwork designed with inspirational storytelling, using the finest materials as art canvases. The beauty is in the detail. The distinctiveness is in the contrast. The uniqueness is in the meaning.

Our Values:

Fine art, Culture, Craftsmanship, Innovation and Sustainability

About the Designer:


Karine was born in Montreal, raised in Beirut and is currently based in London. At age 5, she started drawing as a way to express her feelings and portray a utopian variant of the society we live in. Karine is an engineer by education, a management consultant by experience and an artist by passion. In 2016, she leveraged her expertise in design, sustainability and business to create her own world through her own brand. While working on an organic waste optimisation project at Cambridge, Karine stumbled upon the idea of creating paint from the combination of wasted fruits and vegetables and organic earth pigments. 

With these mediums, she draws and paints to portrait the world we live in, through captivating and charming snippets of the everyday life and dreams of an eager traveler. Her collection's inspiration comes from her numerous travels and backpacking trips and her main artistic influences are a combination of Japanese modern art (manga) with historical painting techniques used by ancient masters such as Da Vinci and Botticelli.

Karine’s style merges fine art with technology and classicism with modernism. Her hand painted characters, bold hues, geometrical shapes and complementary colours constitute the essence of her first collection of scarves and twill bands.