Europa Twill Band

Europa Twill Band


Travel diary: Life Through the Eyes of the Cedar Trees

Date: 17th of June 2015

Location: Cedars, Lebanon

Excerpt: While I was taking a walk between the millennium cedars of my beloved Lebanon, I started imagining all the things they could have seen ever since the world was new. Back then, could they have witnessed the oldest legends of all time? Were they present when Zeus fell in love with Europa, the beautiful daughter of the Phoenician king of Tyre? Have they seen him transforming himself into a magnificent white bull to seduce her, abduct her and rush into the sea? Have they celebrated when the European continent got baptised after her name?

I wonder how excited they must have been when the Tyrian purple of Murex shells were discovered and artisanal carpets and sailing boats came to life. 

Artwork: Hand drawn and partially hand painted 

Organic Pigments in Art: Inedible spinach and red cabbage, turmeric, titanium white, mayan red and orange ochre

Design: Double Sided 

Composition: 100% Silk Twill, Hand Finished

Size: 90cm x 4.5cm

Sustainability: Eco-friendly printing and FSC certified chemical free golden packaging

Made in Italy, Dry Clean Only


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